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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Figuring Life Out - One Thousand Gifts

On a blog that I follow there was a link to the video I included in my post today. When I watched this video yesterday it made me cry, stop and think. Why am I running so fast? Why is it that I never stop to admire the beauty of it all? The beauty in life, in creation and in my life in general. So with my $25.00 gift card to Barns and Noble I will go to the mall and purchase the book "One Thousand Gifts" ; By Ann Voskamp. I will be thankful today for all of the things in this life I take for granted. I started a list of why I am thankful and feel blessed. This is just a start, there are many more to come.... Hopefully you will start yours...

1. Watching my dogs run and play together.
2. Seeing the flowers bloom.
3. The smell of a newborn baby.
4. Hearing my husbands voice whisper in my ear; "I love you".
5. My children coming home from school.
6. The humming bird that freezes in mid air.
7. The smell of cookies in the oven.
8. My favorite shoes.
9. A view of the Lake from my window.
10. Having a job.
11. New car smell.
12. Being free to worship God.
13. Having a house to come home to.
14. Italian food.
15. Laughing until it hurts.

And the list goes on....


LAURIE said...

thank you for your visit, after reading your thoughts today, you now have me intrigued about the book. :) Thanks for the referral.

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