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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Moment

At times I find myself forgetting what is most important. I get so caught up in work and my hectic schedule that I forget to stop for a minute and just see the very moment that I am in. Life is a series of moments that we build upon day after day. Moments of silence, moments of laughter, moments of crying, moments of joy. Moments. Precious moments. A moment to feast upon God's word. A moment to be famished for God's word. A moment to be saturated with love. A moment to be longing for love. Tick... tock. How precious and few are the moments we have. When my father was diagnosed with stage 3 prostrate cancer 10 years ago, we as a family realized how precious and few the moments we have in life are. Life can end in the blink of an eye, an instant, a flash. Swish! Gone like that! Snap! My dad left this earth at peace with God, himself and with all of us. On the day of his death I sat there and realized how fragile life is. How important the moments of time are and how few these moments are. There were so many more things my dad had wanted to do. So many more places he had wanted to see. So many more things he had wanted to say. But time slipped by too fast. I learned through the loss of my beloved father that I have to live today. Really live! I have to say all the things that I mean to say right now, this very moment. I have to love everyone that I love one hundred percent every day, every minute and every moment. So today in this moment in time, I am living. Really living, really loving and really saying all that I need to say. I am living in the moment. Breathing in the moment. Taking in this moment and treasuring it.


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