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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Life Consists of...

My Life consists of four very important things; my husband, my kids, my 2 dogs and God in the center of it all. Everything I do and say is all about them. I work to pay the bills for them, I cook to feed them, I love them. I sacrifice time and energy to be with them. They are my entire world. I breath for them, my heart beats for them, and my whole being longs for them. I have become a better person because of them. I want to become an even better person for them. When I wake up in the mornings the first thought I have is of them. When I lie down at night, the last thought I think of before I close my eyes to sleep is of them.

My husband changed my life when I met him. He made things better. He taught me that love is bigger then problems, higher then any mountain of troubles, deeper then an ocean of worries and wider then the distance of silence. I learned through loving him that sometimes loving someone hurts and rips us into pieces. Then on the other hand love also takes those ripped pieces and puts them back together again, making us stronger through the whole process. My husband makes me want to be a better lover, wife, friend, woman and person. My husband makes me a better me.

My kids expanded my life when they entered it. I never thought I could love and care for another person as much as I do my children. They taught me that love is patient and kind no matter how many messes of theirs I clean up, laundry of theirs that I do, fights that I break up between them, places I have to drive them, or how many nights of lost sleep they have given me; my love for them never tires. They taught me that love is limitless. Love has no boundaries. I never knew love could be so BIG! I am amazed at how much my heart and capacity to love has grown since my children have entered into my world. They have taught me that love is sacrifice. I would most definitely put my life in harms way to save the life of my children. They taught me that love is forever. I will love them forever and always. Until the day after forever.

Then there are my two dogs. My faithful little furry friends. They never leave my side. They faithfully sit at my feet. They praise me every time I come home from being out. They love me in the morning, morning breath and all (and they still want to kiss me). They love me unconditionally. My little baby dogs have taught me love is faithful, trustworthy and consistent. Love never leaves us or forsakes us for another. Love sits and waits for us by every closed door in life and then when we finally open that door and walk through it, love greets us with praise.

My husband, my kids and my dogs have taught me God's love in action. Through them I am consistently learning a new dimension of God's amazing love. I am learning of the complexities of God's love. Peeling back a new layer of God's love every day. Entering a new phase of God's love every morning. Being brought to new places in God's love that I never knew existed day after day. Resting in a new comfort of God's love every evening. Oh what treasures await us through finding God's love in our everyday moments in life with the people that we share our lives with. Go dig, go find, go discover this great love; all day, every day.


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