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Friday, February 4, 2011

What Defines You?

The old saying goes; " Another day, another dollar"... and so, my life has evolved into this "another day, another dollar" mentality.
I am a hard worker. I rise before my family, make fresh lunches, empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, feed the dogs, get dressed, put on some makeup, tidy up the house, beautify things, wake up the boys, get them ready for school and out the door, kiss my husband as he leaves for work, settle the dogs, then leave for work too. I go to work, work hard all day, come home, feed the dogs, make dinner, greet the kids, drive my son to work, pick my son up from work, greet my husband at the door, serve dinner, clean up, shower, put pj's on, settle in for the night... You know, a typical woman's day.
But, before I do all of the things listed above, I start my day, every single day, sitting downstairs in my favorite chair with my favorite book; the bible. I read, I pray, I reflect, I thank and praise God for who He is and what He does. Before I do the million and one things that make up my day I reserve this morning time alone with God. It is essential. I call this time my "Defining Moment Time", My "alone with God time", "The early bird catches the worm time". The early bird does catch the worm, right? So this is my catching the worm moment, my time with God as I sit in my comfy chair. It is still dark, the house is quiet, everyone else is asleep. My dogs snuggle on either side of me. My bible and heart are both open, my journal and pen are out, and my crazily, busy life halts. I am alone with God and my life is whole, meaningful, full of purpose. God's grace, His amazing grace kisses me, surrounds me, envelopes me in this quiet moment.
Many years ago I looked up the meaning of my name, as I am sure most of you have done also. My name Angelina Ann means, angelic messenger filled with GRACE.
Grace. It is all about grace. When I am elbow deep with work and toil His grace sustains me under the load. When I am knee deep in earning a buck, His grace stops my knees from buckling under the pressure of it all. What defines me? Grace defines me. Grace that is His favor though we are undeserving of it. His grace that is mercy when we never would expected it. His grace that transforms us. His grace that saves us. His grace that heals us. His grace that FREES us. Yes, it is GRACE that defines me for sure.
So, it may be another day to make a dollar. But today is also a day that by His grace I am saved!



Runner Mom said...

You absolutley ROCK!! I need to be scrubbing right now, but, I'm blogging!!! Ok, I will read one more post and then start supper and scrubbing!

What defines me? A woman pursuing God!
Have a great weekend!!

Me said...

Susan, that is an awesome definition!!!

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