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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hope Springs

Went up to my Lake house today to check in on the progress of the new construction. I was amazed at how the place is coming together. All of the wood has been added to the ceilings and walls. The paint has been applied to the walls and it is the perfect color green. All of the windows have been put in and the wood molding around the windows has been added. The kitchen cabinets are in and the new counter tops. I am overwhelmed with excitement. Winter here in the Northeast has been long, cold and snowy. We are actually suppose to get 6 more inches of snow on Monday. I am so ready for winter to be over, the snow to be gone and the sun to be out shining again. I am tired of shoveling, bundling up and salt on my car. I want to see the green grass, the flowers blooming and the humming birds feasting upon those blooming flowers. When I walked into my Lake house today even though the snow is still piled high and the air is still frigid, I felt like I walked into Spring. I felt the warmth of the sun fall upon me as I entered my new kitchen. I could have sworn I heard the Summer Song of the birds singing when I went upstairs into my new master bedroom. I saw myself sitting outside on the new veranda outside of my Master bedroom reading a good book and the warmth of this vision began to melt the coldness of winter in my heart. It is amazing what hope for the future will do for us. Hope that things will get warmer, brighter, and more colorful is all that I need to get me through the two months I have left of Winter. Spring is just seconds away waiting to warm me, and defrost the chill that Winter has brought. The mountains of snow will vanish before my eyes. The green grass will again paint the landscape and the birds will sing their new songs loud and clear once again. Hope is knowing that in the midst of Winter, Spring will come. Hope is knowing without a doubt that in the midst of a very cold blustery day, Springs new song is playing in my heart and I am dancing to that song right now. Hope for the future brings joy to my heart. Hope for the future is knowing God has something good awaiting me. Something really, really good!

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11


{Far From Perfect} said...

Oh this encouraged me so much. Wow... I needed this. Thank you! I was just thinking the same thing this summer... it's been a really really rough past year and a half... the last couple months have been so incredible. It's like God's warmth finally just encased my heart. It's going to be okay.. going to be alright. I lost my best friend, a close friend of mine died, we were moving 1100 miles away (which we're still working on.. the ranch is up for sale), plus my major arm injury (written in another comment) all at the same time just crushed my heart. God is enough. Jeremiah 29 is so so so encouraging.

I can see it now. How God uses all of this for God. He is amazing. Thank you for this post!!

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