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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning

It is Sunday. My day of rest. Even though it began at the crack of dawn when my dogs Chance and Jammer jumped up on me and started to simultaneously lick my face until I woke up from a deep sleep. They did their job perfectly waking me up. They were ready for their morning walk. One of my 3 goals for the Thin Within Goals is to run one of the walks I take my dogs on. So, today I thought I would give it a go. Normally I lose my breath just thinking about running, but today I am proud to say I get to tell a new story. I ran. Not very fast, but I ran. I did not lose my breath, feel like I was going to throw up or get a cramp. I just eased into it and felt good doing it. I use to be a long distance runner when I first met my husband in 1990. I ran at least 8 miles a day with no problem what so ever. I ran all the way up until I had my first son Christian 16 years ago. Then I switched over to biking. I was not fanatical about exercise. I just enjoyed running. There was something therapeutic about it. I used my running time as a prayer time with the Lord. It was just me, Him and the road. I was able to learn many new things from God during this special time with Him. When I switched over to biking it became mine and my son Christians singing time. We sang every song we could think of together as we road along on the bike. I had a special seat put on my bike just for him to sit in. We loved our time together on the bike. It all ended after my second son Dominic came along. I just didn't have the time anymore. So I started to just take short walks when I could fit one in with the two boys in their double stroller. During this time of no running or biking in my life (the last 13 years to be exact), I noticed a steady climb in my weight. I use to think that exercise was the key and that if I just started to exercise I would lose the extra weight I put on over the inactive years of my life. But, all of us Thin Withiners know this is not true. So, as you can imagine, I failed at every attempt to lose weight with diet and exercise. It wasn't until I surrendered my stomach and my eating to the Lord that I began to lose the weight. Now after 4 months of Thin Within, my heart is in a new place. A place that knows it is through Him and Him alone I will lose all my weight. Now that I have reached this place I can finally without false hopes in my heart restore running back into my life. So I am. I have no goals on how many miles I will run. I just have a goal to start to run again. For temple maintenance. It is good for your heart and body. So, I am thrilled that I can have my prayer time of running back with the Lord. Along with two special guests, my Chance and Jammmer. They love to run. It is good for us all. I am grateful this Sunday morning that God is restoring my health. That God is restoring running to my life again. He is faithful. He always comes through. He has brought me from a sluggish, heavy place. To a energetic, free place. I am free indeed!

"...I rejoice like a great athlete eager to run the race." Psalm 19:5


Mrs. Sheila said...

What a blessing to read Angelina! God is a God of restoration, and many of us are in deep need of that ~ not just in our bodies, but simply in the way we are living. Be blessed in your day of rest today!

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