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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freedom Sings

So yesterday I dealt with a serious depression issue. But today is a new morning. A morning which brings a new song to my heart. I reread a poem that I wrote shortly after my dad passed away. I was writing out my feelings of the deepest grief and pain I had ever encountered. I would like to share that with you today.

By Angelina Brignola written January 2004

Can you still stand when you are bent over with burden?

Can you get up even if you have fallen, because the ground all around you is violently shaking?

When the voice of confusion is screaming in your ear, can you still hear His Still Small Voice whispering ever so gently?

When you fall and have no strength left to stand back up, will you trust that His hand will not only lift you up but also allow you to soar on wings like an eagle?

When the distant, cold world keeps shouting NO, will you hear Him who stands right beside you saying YES!?

When you have been stripped naked and you stand bare before Him what will His eyes really see?

When you have been pressed in on every side, what will come out from inside of you?

When the earth is dry and bears no fruit, are your roots deep enough to tap into the stream of living water that knows no end?

Although the trees are barren all around you, is your tree still bearing His fruit?

When the circumstances of life have rendered you helpless, will you have faith and trust that He will see you through?

When the cords of death have entangled you and you feel the bitter sting, what kind of song will you then sing?

Do you hear the drumbeat of His consistent, ever present, ever lasting, unconditional love beat with perfect rhythm? Can you hear His song when you have stopped singing?

It is a song of joy in the midst of your deepest grief and pain.
It is a song of strength when you are in your weakest hour.
It is a song of long suffering and peace when affliction assaults you and confusion consumes you.

His song of love wraps it’s arms around you and covers you in the storm.
His song is everlasting, timeless, limitless, priceless and endless.
His song can be heard by anyone who opens their ears to listen.
His song is unlike any you have ever heard before.
He sings it right now, this very moment, exclusively to all.

You can be pressed down and shaken to the very core but when you hear His song of love you will be running over.

Although the sun does not shine today and you are crying alone in the midst of the darkest hour you have ever known tonight. Hold on, be strong and arise from the ashes. Because the light of His amazing love and grace will shine brighter than the noon day as His Joy will come quickly to greet you in the morning.

I hope that this poem brings you some strength today in whatever weakness you may feel. It always helps me. Even when I get tempted with food and my weight. I apply it to whatever situation is getting me down. God bless you today


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