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Friday, August 6, 2010


So yesterday in the midst of my frustration I read chapter 20 of the Thin Within Book. It was all about forgiveness. FORGIVENESS! How can I forgive this, that or the other thing? How can I forgive him for doing that to me or her for doing this to me? But, God does ask us to forgive.
"Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you."
Colossians 3:13

Forgiving someone who has hurt us deeply can be so difficult. There have been several people in my life that have hurt me deeply. In Chapter 20 I had to list them by name and then release each one. I found that by doing this I was actually able to release myself. I may have to continue to do this several times before I truly let some of the bigger grudges and unforgiveness in my heart go. I am not a bitter person or anything, but there are just some injustices that happen in our lives at the hand of others that take us a while to release and forgive. So I am going to take my time in this exercise. I found myself even having to forgive God for allowing me to go through some of the difficult things I have had to go through in my life. I was angry and mad at God for testing me so much with difficulties. I had to release my anger and forgive God and I felt so free in doing this. During this time of reading Chapter 20 and writing in my journal all of the releases and forgiveness prayers for each person and circumstance I did not even think of food once. I had a great eating day yesterday. I feel lighter in my heart and in my body and I am ready to forgive, release and let go again today. I am going to reread Chapter 20 before I go into Part III of the book. I am going to take my time and simmer in this Chapter a bit. Allow God to burn away some of the fat of unforgiveness and the bitterness in my life until I am a sweet aroma in His nostrils today. Fat representing my unforgivness towards others. Fat that gives me no peace. So that my High Priest (Jesus) can make atonement for me and set me free. I want to be fat free today and every day that follows. I choose to forgive today. FORGIVE,
let go, and be set free! To no longer be a bitter taste and smell. But to be sweet. That is what forgiveness can do.
"And all its fat he shall burn on the altar, like the fat of the sacrifice of peace offerings. So the priest shall make atonement for him for his sin, and he shall be forgiven." Leviticus 4:26


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