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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Birthday

Today is my 42nd Birthday. I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning... thankful. I was thankful for all that God has brought me through these past few weeks. I was thankful for showing me who He is again in my life. I was thankful for hearing His voice speak to my heart again. I was thankful for old and new friends, my family and my dogs. I was thankful for health and happiness. Happiness. That is something that had become so foreign to me over the past 10 years. I had forgotten what joy and happiness was. I had tasted so much pain and bitterness for so long the sweet taste of joy and happiness was alien to me. But, now that is all that I taste. It is sweet like honey when joy enters your life. That is the only way I can describe having a personal relationship with God is. Sweet like honey! I would have never thought I would be here at this moment writing about joy. A year ago from today I was crying by myself in my room over my horrible life. I was so lonely and unhappy. What a difference a year makes. Well really, what a difference these last 4 months have made. Today on my birthday I received a package. It was the Thin Within Workbook series. I don't even know why I received this package. I lost every contest I entered to win one, but today on my birthday I received one. I think I have an idea who sent it to me, and to her I can only say it was the best Birthday present I have ever gotten. Thank you. You have blessed me so much and I haven't even formally met you. I prayed hard that I would be able to afford this workbook when I returned to work next week but truth is, it would have taken me a while to have had the extra money to get this workbook. I put my needs last on the list of things that need to be bought. My kids are always first and well, there are sneakers, school supplies and clothes that need to be bought for back to school. That is what I planned to use my Birthday money on as well as my first couple of paychecks. Then I would save up to buy that workbook. Now I don't have to worry. Thank you, you know who, for this workbook. I am not sure what made you do this wonderful thing for me for the second time, but I am forever grateful and God is truly doing a great work in me through it all. Thank you my friend. I wish I could hug you!!!!


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