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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebrate Health

Sometimes in life God throws us a curve ball. I was thrown one today when I returned back to the Image center to go through some more mammogram testing. As I was being squeezed and pancaked by an obnoxious machine , I was crying out to God; "Please don't let there be anything wrong with me." They took several very uncomfortable images of my right breast and I had to hold my breath through each one. The tests hurt and I felt like I was suffocating. It was horrible to say the least. I went from room to room and tech to tech. After they took images I was moved to the ultrasound room, where yet another tech took several pictures with the sonogram. Then to top it off, I had a biopsy. I had no idea Image Care even did biopsies. But, apparently they do because I had one today. I was numbed up with lanacane (I think I spelled it right, it is similar to Novocaine like dentists use), and then pierced with a needle to scrape away tissue to see if I had cancer tissue. I was beside myself through it all. Crying out to God inside my head and heart; "Why?" Then a doozie... The main Doctor of the entire Breast Center at Image Care came in to speak to me. She explained what all the test results were. Showed me all of the images that were taken and the area in question that was biopsied. She stressed how she was almost certain that everything would be okay and that they were just making sure that everything would be okay by doing the biopsy. I have never been more scared in all my life. Except of course when I found out that my daddy had late stage 3 prostrate cancer. I couldn't help but turn my attention to my father today. How devastated he must have felt the day he was all alone like I was today and going through his biopsy. I began thinking of the millions of people who every day face biopsies and get positive results that they have cancer. Cancer. I have grown to immensely dislike that word. It is a notorious serial killer that comes upon us suddenly and violently assaulting innocent lives. I was screened today for the possibility that I may have been a victim of cancer's ugly crime. I will not let it kill me spiritually though. I will celebrate my health today. I will celebrate that I am living and breathing. I will celebrate that I can hug my kids today and kiss my husband good night tonight. I will celebrate that I leave for vacation tomorrow and that I will enjoy every last moment of it. I will not let the thought of cancer impose upon my life. If I have to face it's ugly face I will. I can. Because I know something that cancer doesn't. I know that God is in control. He has a plan and a future for me. He has given me a hope for that future. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. I can even fight cancer if it is His will for me to do so. So my friends celebrate your health while you have it because you never know when your health will be taken from you. Pray for those who have had their health taken from them. They are the bravest people on our planet and deserve to be prayed for.

"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 1:2


Mrs. Sheila said...

Praying for you, and with you. I stand in agreement that God is in control, and that is the best thing ever. Enjoy your vacation!

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