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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Staying on the Path

Sometimes in life we just go astray. We wonder a little. To the left, to the right, here or there. We wonder. I have been wondering. Now I find myself back to the beginning. Starting over. Questioning what I need and don't need for the journey to get back on track. There are things in my life, good things in my life, that I thought I needed. Come to find out these are the things, the good things, that caused me to wonder off the course that has been set for me to walk upon in the first place. I thought we only had to give up the obvious bad things in our our lives. The red flag sins. Gluttony, envy, strife, lust, hate, you know, the very black things in our lives. But the truth is we have to give up some of the good things too. Like sitting and resting for too long, or not sitting and resting at all. Or the running so fast that the scenery gets too blurry to see because we are just moving too fast to see it. Or the not running at all, that we stand for too long and our legs give way from under us and we just collapse from the strain of standing still for too long. Yes, I know we must rest in Him. We must be still and know. But, we also must stand up and be counted, and run not walk to the prize set before us. But then, we also must stop to smell the roses, and stop to hear Him. So when do we know when to stop or to run? We Can only know this by listening. Really listening to Him. If you find yourself lost in the journey like me the only way you can find your way back is by listening.

"Listen to me, all who hope for deliverance--all who seek the LORD! Consider the rock from which you were cut, the quarry from which you were mined." Isaiah 51:1
We seek deliverance from ourselves every day and in order to do that we must open our ears to hear Him. He is always speaking to us if we really listen. Perhaps through the written words of others, or through His written words, or from something we hear on the radio or from the pulpit. Perhaps we hear Him through a much needed phone call from a friend, or a letter. As for me I hear Him in almost everything. But, for some reason I was getting too busy to listen. I was to busy with my life to notice. To notice the ROCK of my Salvation, the very ROCK that I was cut from. Listen. Really listen and you will always be where He desires you to be. No matter how fast life gets, if you keep your ears open you will be able to stay on the course set before you. You will not wonder, you will stay the course and when you stay on the path He has paved for you to walk on you will prosper in all that you do.

"Stay on the path that the LORD your God has commanded you to follow. Then you will live long and prosperous lives in the land you are about to enter and occupy." Deuteronomy 5:33


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