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Sunday, October 24, 2010

He is Enough

"Come, let us return to the LORD. He has torn us to pieces; now he will heal us. He has injured us; now he will bandage our wounds." Hosea 6:1

Sometimes life just hurts. Circumstances cause us to be torn and broken. We wake up smiling and go to sleep injured, hit so hard that we lose our breath. He always sees us. He never leaves us and He gets us through these moments. He allows the pain, the sorrow, the tearing and the injuries. He Himself does the tearing to pieces of our hearts, He Himself allows the injuries. Then He puts us back together and heals our wounds. Yet, there is always evidence of these hurtful moments by the scars that are left behind. Scars that we bare on our bodies as reminders of our trials of pain. Scars that tell our heroic stories of survival in the midst of severe adversity. Scars. We all have them. We all have at least one. Some are larger then others. But, a scar is a scar. We were torn apart, we bled real blood and our skin was broken in order to get this scar. It hurt. Sometimes so much so that we go into shock from the pain. Yes, He has injured us in some way or another. Yes, we may never understand why we have to suffer. But, really if you put it all into perspective, we have never and will never have to endure the pain that He endured on the cross. He died that we may live. "But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed." Isaiah 53:5
This is enough for me. Even when it hurts so bad I can't see past my tears I know He is enough. What He did for me was enough. Even though He tears me to pieces and it hurts so bad... He is enough.


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