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Monday, October 11, 2010

Fullness of Life

"The thief's purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. My purpose is to give LIFE and FULLNESS." John 10:10

We all are familiar with this scripture. I could quote this one in my sleep. But today I saw the meaning of this scripture in a whole new way...
What is Fullness of life?

According to Webster's dictionary fullness and life are defined this way; Fullness: " The state of being filled; complete."
Life: "the period between life and death. The sum of activities."

So with these definitions in mind, how would you describe Fullness of life?

For me, my life up until this point had been a series of robberies. Much had been stolen from me. My very identity had been stripped away from me over the years. I had no idea who I was, nor did I feel that there was any hope for my future in finding who I was meant to be. Fullness! Ha! There could never be any fullness in my life. I was completely empty and void. Outside of my husband and children I had absolutely nothing. My life was dry, parched and barren. Then, over the summer something amazing happened to me. I began on a journey of finding my place in this world. Finding my identity. Finding my life. Thus, my life began to fill to overflowing. I became full... complete. My life as I knew it changed from barren to lush. The sum of all the activities of my life now had hope for a future. Because I learned this summer that Life comes from God and God alone. Not from my striving to be like Him or to know Him better. But, simply from being His and allowing Him the freedom to have His way with my life. By losing my life through surrendering it back to God I found my life and the fullness thereof. I found out what FULLNESS of LIFE really is. It is completeness in HIM for the sum of all of my days. Start to finish. It is knowing without doubt that He is in control and I can surrender all of my control to Him who will satisfy me all of my days. I am so thankful, so humbled and so grateful for His amazing grace in my life. In my FULLNESS of life.


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