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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food Addict

I was home from work on Monday for Martin Luther King Day. I had the day off and I was able to watch some TV, which is very rare for me. I happened to watch Dr. Oz's Show on Food Addiction. He listed 5 signs to tell if you are a Food Addict. Allow me to share them with you.

Signs You Might Be A Food Addict:

1. You hide food in your car or at the office

2. You think about food more than one hour a day.

3. You eat after you argue or fight with a spouse, family member or friend.

4. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you are not eating.

5. You can't stop eating even when you are not hungry.

If you recognize 3 or more of these sign you may be a Food Addict.

Well, I was in big trouble because I recognized all five!!!

Then Dr. Oz went on to give 3 solutions to solving your Food Addiction problem.

Solutions for Food Addiction:

Solution #1: FLAB Find out why you are reaching for food by using the flab method. Are you running to food for any of the following reasons?

F: Frustrated
L: Lonely
A: Anxious
B: Bored

If you are running to food for any of these reasons try doing some of the following instead:

Go for a walk, play with your dog, call a friend, read a good book, or do something else.

Solution #2:

Journals: Write down how you feel when you eat to try to find out what is triggering you to eat.

Solution #3:

Use a food Log. Once you start to write down what you are eating, when you are eating it, how much you are eating and why you are eating you will be surprised at what you discover.

I added a 4th solution:

Pray and meditate about your heart with food and you relationship with food. Once you begin to look at food through God's perspective you will find that food is for nourishment only, not for pleasure or for an escape of what we are feeling.
I was a hopeless food addict, but my life of food addiction is over now that I have learned to go to God with my FLAB problems.

Tell me what you think.


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