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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Better than a Hallelujah (lyrics) Amy Grant

Today I share with you the song on my heart today. Well to be honest this song has been in my heart all week. At the bottom of this post is a video of this wonderful song by Amy Grant and some visuals that echo some of the miseries I have experienced before. I love how our miseries are like a melody to Him. Just the thought of knowing that when we cry out to God about the things that have gone wrong in our lives He hears our sorrowful cries as a sweet and tender melody in His ear. A song that to Him is better than any Hallelujah can be. Don't give up hope today my friends. Whatever place you are in right now, whatever season you are in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall... God sees you, He hears you and He will come quickly to rescue you. He hears the song you sing, and He sings a new song back to you. A song of joy, a song of love and a song of acceptance. Let His song be the song in your hearts today.

"My heart is steadfast, O God! I will sing and make melody with all my being!" Psalm 108:1

Sing a new song today. Even in the midst of a dark storm in your life a song can arise. Enjoy this video.


Mrs. Sheila said...

I have been LOVE LOVE LOVING this song for a few weeks now!

angelina said...

It is a good one isn't it Mrs. Sheila? :)

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