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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How it all works

OK, so yesterday I introduced myself. Today I am going to introduce in detail what Thin Within has taught me about eating 0-5. Let's compare 0-5 to a car. When your car is empty you fill it with gas. Well that is pretty much how our body functions also. God designed our stomachs to growl when it is empty. So you need to wait until you hear your stomach growl before you eat. Sometimes people have a hard time knowing what a growl sounds like, so try to listen to your body. Are you feeling other symptoms of hunger? True physiological hunger. Sometimes people do not hear a growl. But that is what I hear when I know I am empty and a 0. I hear my stomach growl. Some people know they are hungry when they feel shaky or dizzy. Or they get a headache. These can be other signs that you are at 0. You may not hear a growl you may have these other signs of hunger instead. You have to go at your own pace, and find out what your own body is saying. No two body is the same so wait for your sign of 0 and then eat. OK. So you figured it out. Your sign for 0. Now when you finally reach the 0 you can eat. Well what do you eat you ask? Listen to your body and eat what it is craving. No calorie counting. No diet food. No fat free dressing. No staying away from sweets. Eat what you want. But keep in mind that when you eat, eat slowly. Sit down. Turn of the TV. Sit at your table. Eat one bite at a time. Savor it and enjoy every bite. Make sure you chew slowly. Try not to inhale your food. It takes 20 minutes for your body to know when it is full, so slow it down. Take sips of your drink in between each bite of food. My first meal I ate chips with dip, a pickle and a 1/2 of a sandwich on real white bread and full fat mayo as well as a cookie. All things I avoided when I was dieting (with no results if I may add). I savored each bite. Sipped real iced tea that was sweetened with real sugar. I enjoyed it so much. When I felt myself getting full I stopped eating. I saved what was left for another time. yes I did have some food left over even though I had cut My normal portion in 1/2. I ate about 1/4 of the sandwich and about 4 chips with dip and about 1/3 of the pickle. I did eat all of my cookie though :). You will find that if you really are in tune to your body when to stopn eating. You will start to know when it has had enough to eat and want to stop eating. If you eat past 5 no worries. Just keep trying. Don't give up. You will get it. Keep in mind that your stomach is no larger than your fist. So eat with that in mind. You don't fill your car past full, so you should not fill your body past full either. I find now that when I eat past 5 I feel uncomfortable. I feel tired and bloated. Sometimes I get bad cramps too. You will figure out what feels good and bad for your body too. Like I said we are all different during this discovery process of eating from 0-5. Try this today and post back to me and tell me how it goes. Enjoy the process of discovering what works for you and for your body.


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