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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Song to Drive Away my Friday Fizzle

Let's face it, sometimes life just fizzles. It gets so monotonous that we forget how very precious it is. We get into a routine and like programmable robots we just get through our programed day. In our robotic trance we miss it. We miss the beauty of it all. Take for example this morning. I woke up to the same thing I wake up to every morning. My two dogs Chance and Jammer pleading with me to go for their morning walk. There I was in my robotic trance, going through the motions. Thinking, can't someone else walk the dogs, why am I always the one who has to do it? The truth is, my dogs don't want anyone else to take them for their walk. They want me and me alone to take them for their walk. I am their master, and they love when I meet their needs. They expect it, they relish in it. So, there I was this morning walking my dogs in a trance. No life in me. Just going through the motions. Then something happened that caused me to break out of my trance. My dogs (both of them), sat down in the road, in the middle of our walk and just looked up at me. Both of them wagging their tails just looking up at me. Then in harmony they began to howl while they looked at me. They were singing a sad song. A song with a story. I looked into their sad eyes, and I could tell by their eyes that they were trying to pull me out of the trance I was in. Singing the blues to me saying, "Mommy why can't you enjoy this time we have together? Please Mommy! You are not taking us for a walk, we are walking together." I got down to their level. Kissed each of them on their adorable faces and said; "OK boys lets go for our walk together."
They both got up and began walking again. I walked with them. Taking it all in. Shaking off the Friday fizzle of my same old, same old day and realizing for the first time in a long time, "This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24
How does this have to do with my weight loss journey? Well,my dogs sad song broke the trance I was under. It helped me to shake off the Friday fizzle. God's song over my life helps to break free from not just a fizzle but years of bondage in my life. My journey with Thin Within has allowed my ears to be open to God's song over my life again. To break me out of the trance of this world and what the world says about weight loss. His song gave me the courage and faith I needed to trust in His melody over my life and to dance with Him to this new song. Just like my dogs song helped me to break out of a trance and walk with them this morning. I don't want to just go through the motions anymore. I want to give my all in everything and rejoice while doing it! I want that new song to be my theme song.
What new song is God singing to you today? Stop! Break free from the trance of your Friday fizzle and listen to this new song. Embrace it! Dance to it! Rejoice!


Mrs. Sheila said...

Bless you! Thank you for sharing this prescious word today!

Cheryl said...

I love it! This Spring and Summer I've really started working on my commitment to taking care of my "Temple." Arhcie, our 105 lb golden retriever, is a big part of that. We started out walking, then jogged in bits while walking mostly. Now we're jogging mostly and walking in bits.

I take my iPod and worship. Occasionally I even lift my hands and sing - when I'm not too winded or worried about what passersby on a busy road think...

angelina said...

That is awesome Cheryl. Thank you so much for checking our my post. Enjoy your time wiht Archie:)

angelina said...

Mrs Sheila, thank you also for checking out my blog and for following me. Blessings to you also. By the way I love your two blogs also:)

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