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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How my journey started:

It all started at work when I entered a biggest looser contest. I decided I wanted to lose weight. This was nothing new for me. I have been starting and stopping different diets for 10 years now in the attempt to lose weight. The plan at work was every Friday for 8 weeks we would weigh in. A winner would then be announced at the end of 8 weeks by the percentage of weight that they lost. Week one I weighed in. My starting weight 145.2. Ugh! I have never weighed this much in my entire life. Not even when I was pregnant for my kids. So yes, I am a woman and I just disclosed information that no woman ever tells about themselves; their weight. But I am telling. I am telling because I want everyone to see the transformation that is taking place in my life. Week 2 I weigh in and I gain 2 pounds. What? How can this be? 147.2? Check the scale. I blame it on my water bra. It must weigh 2 pounds. Week 3 I loose a fourth of a pound. Ok! I'll take it. I was cutting out fat, sweets, carbs and extras. I was eating 3 healthy meals a day, 2 healthy snacks and drinking only water. I was exercising every day. Hard stuff too. Weights, running, walking for 3 miles and pilates. Seriously only one fourth of a pound? Then I did something unconventional. I prayed. I asked God to help me find a way to lose the weight. So it dawned on me to look up Christian Weight Loss on the inter net. I found a link to Thin Within. I checked it out and guess what. Week 4 weigh in 7.2 pounds lighter. Week 5 weigh in 4 pounds lighter. Week 6 weigh in 2 and a half pounds lighter. Weeks 7 and 8 2 pounds each lioghter. I went from dead last place to 3rd place in the final weigh in. I won $40.00. I was so excited! I never won anything in my entire life. So... I started this blog. I was hoping I can document what I am doing in Thin Within. Hoping I can bring some hope to all of you out there who are struggling to lose weight. There is hope. I can share my journey with you with a hope for you, that you will find your way. That you will finally release the extra weight you have been carrying on your body. Perhaps like me, you have tried every diet known to man. Every pill, powder and liquid too. Nothing is working. You feel hopeless. I felt hopeless too. But God changed all that. I learned to go to God instead of food through Thin Within and the weight just start pouring off of me. The weight can pour off of you too. So every day I will post my journey. Hopefully you will follow me and be inspired to start your own journey. Get ready. Here we go!


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