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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Today I have a lot to be thankful for. I woke up this morning to a brand new day. I am alive and well and all whom I love and cherish are alive and well too. I have a job, that I love to go to. I have a car that is in great working order and takes me where I have to go. I have two beautiful dogs that love me unconditionally. It is well with my soul.

So today, this Tuesday I am thankful. Thankful that all is well with my soul. Then I remember there are people out there who are not okay today. There are those in Japan searching for thousands of loves ones still missing. In one village alone there are ten thousand people missing. So today I am thankful but also praying for those who are not able to say thanks today. For those who are going through something unthinkable today, my prayers and thoughts are with them.

I am thankful though that families are being reunited, a 4 month old baby girl was found alive and reunited with her parents. There is something beautiful in the ashes when you hear this kind of story in the midst of the tragedy.

So today I say thank you God.... for all of the many gifts in my life. All the miracles that happen after disasters strike and the beauty in the ugly, that proves without doubt your amazing grace is there day after day for all the world to see.


Jan Samuel said...

Thanks for a blessed post.
God is with us every day.
God bless you and your family!
Greetings from
Jan Samuel

Jan Samuel said...

Thank you for your comment
Here is the address where you can translate:

God bless you and your family
Greetings from
Jan Samuel

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