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Friday, March 4, 2011

He Is There

I have decided to live my life searching... for Him. His face, His touch, His words and His eyes. I have decided to walk in His footsteps. Live life in His breath. Listen for His voice and make the beat of His heart my rhythm in motion.

He is in the low places, the deep and dark crevices of of life... the unlovely, the unkempt moments in time. He is there. Eyes wide open there. Healing and mending hands, there.

He is in the high places. The peaks. The perfect, priceless moments. The moments that take your breath away. The Heaven touches earth moments. He is there. Eyes sparkling. Hands clapping and lifting, there.

He is there in the dark morning moments. There when those slumbered, sleep encrusted eyes begin to open and focus. He is there at first light, as we watch the sun rise and erase the darkness of night. Illuminating light shining, there.

He is there when the sun goes down, casting shadows upon the earth. As grass sleeps in the fields and trees become the resting place for the worm catching birds. He is there. Singing a lullaby of love, there.

I have seen my share of grievances. Death and decay. Darkness and gloom. Heart ache and pain. He is ever there. Wiping tears. Mending broken bones. Collecting splintered and fractured pieces. He is there. Always there.

I have lived joyfully and had much laughter in life. Dancing and celebration. Songs of praise. He is there dancing and teaching flying lessons. He is there.

He is a warm coat on a cold Winters night. He is a cold lake to swim in on Hot Summer day. He is there in every moment. He is there. He sees me right here, right now. He sees. He knows. He is there.

Now, my eyes are open. Fully open. I finally see that He sees me. I can see His eyes that are wide open to me. The scales have fallen off my eyes and I can see the face of God. He is here. He is here. Looking at me.

I now know that no matter what life throws at me. He is there. I can accept what I was given yesterday. I can accept what I will be given tomorrow. I can accept my lot in life, every day of my life. Past, present and future. He is there.

" accept your lot in life- that indeed is a gift from God. People who do this rarely look with sorrow on the past, for God has given them reasons for JOY."
Ecclesiastes 5:19-20


Amy said...

Beautiful and wise and true. So much there I may need to reread.

Dianna said...

Such a beautifully written piece, Angelina. Thank you so much for sharing how He is there...wherever I need Him most.

Toyin O. said...

Amen Sister, God's grace reaches the highest star and flows to our lowest hell. He is our present help in time of need:)

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