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Monday, March 7, 2011

Last night we were awoken at one o'clock in the morning to a power outage due to a ice storm. Our generator was broken and did not work so from one a.m., until four a.m., my entire family bailed out water from our sump pump so that our basement would not flood. We worked together as a team, and actually laughed joyfully at each other and with each other through the entire three hours. It was a far cry from the screaming and yelling that took place just three years prior when we were doing the same bailing out of water that we did last night. God's joy and thanksgiving in our hearts is what is making all the difference in our lives as individuals and our lives as a family unit. Being thankful has brought unity and harmony in my family and for this I am so thankful for today. I continue my list of blessings:

116. Unity and harmony.

117. Long eyelashes that touch the top of my husbands cheekbones as he sleeps.

118. Fresh, clean water to drink.

119. Children laughing out loud.

120. A soft kiss on the cheek.

121. A hand on the shoulder.

122. Dolphin's swimming in the ocean.

123. The perfect red dress.

124. Flip flops for Summer.

125. Green clovers in the field.

126. Silver glitter on black paper.

127. The birthday boy.

128. Sun showers.

129. Watching an ant carry a leaf across the patio.

130. The sound of your husbands car pulling into the driveway at the end of a work day.

131. A home cooked meal.

132. Mom's meatballs.

133. A new picture to hang on the fridge.

134. A's on a report card.

135. Chocolate melting in your mouth.

136. A juicy piece of water melon.


Dianna said...

Sorry to hear about your power outage, but it certainly was a blessing to read of how your family responded to it. ;-)

Amy said...

Excited for us to have green clover in fields here. Soon:) Enjoyed reading your Sunday and Monday lists. Each item is so vivid.

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