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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will I Allow Myself To Be Silenced?

Since I was shut down last week on blogger, I have been a little hesitant to pour out my heart on Blogger since. I was so upset that I was locked out of my own blog, and that my own heartfelt words were silenced. I felt as though something very unjust had happened to me, and that something very invasive assaulted my life. It made me rethink, if I would even continue to write on my blog. But, here I am writing. Here I am pouring out my heart on this Saturday morning. Here I am allowing words to come forth from deep within my being, for others to read. Here I am!

I wrestled with the thought of not continuing on my blogger journey and a I realized something...
Why should I allow something unjust to silence something just? Writing about God and what He is doing in my life is the most just thing I can do. So, why should I let something that should not have happened take my voice and my words away from me?

To write is my right. It is my voice being heard. My heart being listened to. My thoughts being pondered. My experience being considered. My inner depth coming forth for all those listening to hear and feel. Writing is the living stream of water deep down in my soul that waters the tree of life in my life and even in the life of others. So today, I write. I write to be heard, after days of being silenced. I have decided I will NOT allow myself to be silenced ever again. I will stand and be counted, speak and be listened to, walk and not grow weary in this blogging world of words. If not for anyone else, but for myself. For the living stream of water to flow freely from within myself, to water the tree of life in my own heart.

So here I am, writing... writing for all to see and hear that GOD IS GOOD. He is so good!!!!

"Nothing can alter the character of God. In the course of a human life, tastes and outlook and temper may change radically: a kind, equable man may turn bitter and crotchety: a man of good-will may grow cynical and callous. But nothing of this sort happens to the Creator. He never becomes less truthful, or merciful, or just, or good, than He used to be."
J.I. Packer


BARBIE said...

I am so sorry this happened to you. I may have missed it, but what exactly happened? (Email me if you want to, or not.) Anyways, I am thankful that you are not allowing this situation silence the purpose that God has for you in blogging. I am thankful you didn't give up!

Amy said...

Glad you ARE writing:)

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