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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Surrender All

Today I am so thankful that I am able to wake up, breathe in an out, and have another day here on earth to live in. In this world of uncertainty, we have numbered days... not knowing when our last day may be. I watched a couple of days ago as a bird landed in my driveway and breathed it's last breath. It bowed his head, breathing in and out two more times, then just expired. I thought about that bird all day, every day since he died in my driveway, right before my eyes. I thought about how every breath we breath are numbered. When I reach my final breath will I just bow my head and expire, as the bird did? Or will I fight kicking and screaming? Most days I am fighting to survive. Fighting to work, fighting to get ahead, fighting to pay another bill... then once in a while I am able to breath easy, head bowed and just go with it. But those moments are far and few in between. I would like to think that after 32 years of being a Christian, I would have all of this figured out, but the truth is I am only footsteps away from where I started. This Christian journey has really just begun for me. I am finally on my way to a deeper understanding, that I can bow my head and give up my last breath to Him and allow Him to breath and move and has His way through me. Surrender. Total surrender. The bowing of head and lifting of hands to Him, the one who sits on the throne. I surrender Lord! I surrender ALL!


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