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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Gift of Writing

In my long list of duties, I find it most relaxing as I sit in front of my laptop and write, or when I pull out my journals and write. Writing has been a big part of my life since I learned to write. Writing is what always, always, ALWAYS... draws me to God. It is a gift, a pretty little, perfectly wrapped gift... when you unwrap words and put them into a neat little sentence. Writing has a way to gather up all of the loose ends in my life and put them into perspective, make them neat and give them understanding and purpose. So today I write to put things back where they belong. I write to unwrap all of the gifts that God wants to give me, with every word he puts on my heart to write. Today I recognize this beautiful gift of writing and I unwrap this gift and admire it. Thank you so much God for the gift of writing.


{Far From Perfect} said...

So thankful for words! You are a blessing dear friend <3


Amy said...

Yes, it is such a gift to name and express our thoughts and emotions with words. You express yourself so well!

BARBIE said...

I thank God for your gift of writing as well...and mine too!

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