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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Rainbow

I have had a crazy long, exhausting week. My assistant at work was on vacation this week so I had a sub all week at work. I had to do all of my work as well as explain to the sub all week what she needed to accomplish. It was very busy this week to say the least. Work is nice and easy when everyone is there and things just run within the status quot. Whenever someone has a day off the other's have to pick up the slack when they are gone and the load of the work day can seem that much more heavy and difficult. Needless to say, all of the work got done. The sub did rise to the occasion but he flow of the day just wasn't there. There was a rip in the tide, a stone thrown into the still waters and some currents that had a rippling effect.
So here I am a survivor of the ripples and tide, on this majestic Saturday morning. I have a full week of Mid Winter break ahead of me, where I can rest and rejuvenate after a long, tedious week of ripple effect overload. I can't be happier. We all need calm still water time. We all need rest from storms, shelter from rain and umbrellas for cover.
I was always taught that God never gives us anything more than we can handle. With this being said... I also know from experience He has made us a whole lot stronger then we would like to think of ourselves to be. Sometimes the things that get thrown at us can seem so immense and way too big to handle, yet we find ourselves at the end of the storm after the eye has passed and we are none less of the wear. Here I am a survivor of the worst week I have had this year so far at work. I am here in the shelter of a God that knew I could handle whatever was thrown at me. I am here recovering... resting and ready to face this week of serenity as my reward. The reward always comes after the storm. The rainbow. The brilliant, bright and colorful rainbow!


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