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Monday, February 4, 2013

The hands of a surgeon and the hands of a writer are exactly the same. The skilled, trained precision of  the right written words are exactly comparable to the skilled, trained precision of a surgeon as he cuts out cancer or mends a broken heart. The right words of a writer can heal the cancer of our souls and mend the places of hearts all the same. As I read other's writings I become healed from all the ills that plague me.

I am certain that the right words at the right time cause change, promote healing, cure and make all things possible. When we are in doubt and someone before us was in doubt of the same thing and wrote about it, as we read their triumph in every painstaking word that they write it brings a sense of resolve to our own souls. We carry the words that they wrote like a shield, like a sword to cut through and protect us in the battle we are facing. These words are the weapons of our warfare. They help us to reach the other side of defeat straight into victory!

Words can be the tears we need to cry, the lullaby we need to hear to get us to sleep, the umbrella we need to hold to shield us from the rain, the warm blanket we need to wrap around us when we are cold. Words are healing. Words are scalpels. Words are medicine. Words are victory!


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