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Monday, January 16, 2012

I Am Learning

I am learning that I am not the tail, I am the head. I am not the bottom, I am the top. I am not forgotten, I am chosen. I am not last, I am first. I am learning that God's favor is on me. That God actually has my best interest at heart. I am learning that I have life and not death ahead of me. I am learning that I was not put on this earth to merely survive, I was put on this earth to have a more abundant life. I am learning that He did not turn His face against me and abandon me, His face shines radiantly upon me. He sees me. He knows me by name. I am the apple of His eye.

I am learning that my cup is not half empty, it is full and overflowing. I am learning that the place I reside is not desolate and empty, but plenteous and flourishing. I am learning that the trees of the field are not barren, but indeed are bearing an abundance of ripe, delicious fruit. The streams in the desert are not dry, but they overflow. There is abundance here. There is prosperity here.

I am learning that life is meant to be enjoyed not forebode. Life is meant to be lived moment to moment and not wished away. Life is a gift, to be opened with excitement. A gift from a loving Father that cares about us with such detail. HE CARES ABOUT US.

I am learning, soaking this all in.... GOD CARES DEEPLY ABOUT ME!


BARBIE said...

Oh this is so good! Thank you!

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