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Friday, December 30, 2011

Lesson's From A Japanese Proverb

Life can be complicated sometimes. Lately my life has been just that... complicated. Just when I think I am getting ahead, something happens that throws me back a million miles. I fall down hard sometimes. Then, I have get back up and start over. There is a Japanese Proverb that says this: "Fall seven times and stand up eight." I love this proverb. I makes me feel better about all the times I have fallen. I have to find the resilience to stand back up after each fall. Stand up tall!

Sometimes it is not always me that falls. It can be a family member that falls. When someone I love and care about falls down I feel as though I have fallen too. It hurts just as much too.

Today, is one of these days. A loved one has done something that they should not have done. Nothing horrible, or life threatening, just something they should not have done. It makes me sad and want to cry... but, it also makes me want to try harder. To be better. To teach more wisely. Although I cannot control the choices that my loved ones make, (only my own choices). I can however, educate them when they do make the wrong choice to make a better choice the next time. I can show them how to get back up, dust yourself off and try again. Supporting someone when they are at their worst can be difficult and painful, but that is the time when someone needs your support the most.

So, today I stand tall as I help pull someone else up after they have fallen. I will do this as many times as needed, until they can stand up tall on their own. This only makes my journey in life better.


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