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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

I am so happy to be writing again. To be starting my journey to shed weights in my life again. I am trying to get back to the basics of life, of faith and of myself. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the process of life we forget to live life. We forget how far we have come and sometimes take steps backwards instead of forward. I was doing this. That is why I am starting over. I am going back to the simple steps, the abc's of life. The "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" phase. That's right... the way back to Sunday School mode! I am determined to take all the baby steps that I need to get myself back to the place I need to be in Him. Sometimes when we run too fast we miss a step along the way and it forces us to back track to find out where we went wrong. What step did I miss?

I lost sight of myself and more importantly of I lost sight of God somewhere on my journey. No, I did not backslide or go to a place of horrible sin and corruption. I did however, lose something. I lost joy.... I lost the music and the dance and I just started to run. I was running so fast... way to fast to enjoy the journey. Time was moving by at expeditious speed that I could only hear the hum from the speed I was going and I no longer heard His voice. I had to stop. I had to stop running the race I was in and just step back from it all. I stopped writing, I stopped running, I stopped everything. I became still. I wanted to be still and know Him, the great I AM. I wanted to stop and listen for His voice again, for His song again. I wanted to hear... oh how I wanted to hear Him.

I know it tells us in scripture to "run the race set before us..." there is a time and a season to run... run with fervor. But, my time to run was over... it is now my time to just be still and know He is. He is the Sunshine on this Sunday afternoon. He is the silence in the stillness of night and He is here with me ready to sing a new song. I just had to stop running the race and just bask in the presence of Him to learn this. It is my time to learn... running is over for now. I must just sit and learn so that I can run an even bigger race when the time comes. So for now, I bask in Sunday's Sunshine and listen to the great I AM... listen and be still and LEARN.


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