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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Is Where It Is At

Today I am sitting here just basking in the joy that I have all of my family together right now. You see I have two teenage boys that love to be with their friends all of the time. My one son who is 17 and officially a Senior this year... is absolutely never home. Between working and being out with friends I barely see him any more... and frankly I do not like it. My other son is 13 and just starting to be out all of the time with friends. That is what happens with teenagers, they get to this place of being independent and no longer need you or want you any more. It breaks my heart to let go but I have to. I have to release them and trust God that I have raised them well in Him. Trust God that they will be okay as I do release them into this world.

My oldest just got his drivers license recently and is working really hard and saving money to buy his very first car. I am so proud of him and his work ethic. So very proud that he gets up every day, goes to school, comes home for a few minutes and heads strait to work every night. He did this and maintained a very good grade point average all year. This makes me thankful today.

My other son is just starting to spread his wings to fly. He is a bit more academic then my older son and is really into sports. So instead of going to school and then to work, he goes to school and then stays after for sports or some academic after school event. So I barely see him either. However, I am still thankful that I have a son that is so dedicated to his school work and his school sports. For this I am thankful today.

Even though it is summer and school is out, I am off work and I have more time with my kids... or so you would think. I am still working 2 days a week at a Family Center teaching Parenting Classes, my kids are off with friends most days and life is still being lived and breathed mostly separate from my boys. So, whatever time I do have with them together is time that I cherish.

While they sleep at night you can often find me sneaking into their rooms to kiss them on their foreheads and utter a prayer or two over them. When they are up and moving I am cooking and cleaning up after them with a thankful heart for every moment (even if it is a messy job moment), that I have to be with them and to be their mommy. Today I am thankful for my family... because to me my family is where it is at.

"Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them." Psalm 127:5


Anonymous said...

It's interesting for me to read this post being that I have one who has barely started school and two still in diapers. There have been days they literally all three cling to my legs like flypaper and I find myself dreaming of the so far off future when they all will have their own lives and activities and I will be free to read a book, take a nap, or go on that cruise with my husband that we've always dreamed of. But of course I do know that future is not really "far off" at all, and when the time comes I will have to learn to let go as well.
Thanks for following my blog! I am still reading old posts of yours. There are quite a few I want to comment on! But if I do so I will probably do it on your latest post with a link to the old one for reference. I am still learning the Blogger ways (I used to use the old blog sites like Xanga or livejournal) and never attempted a more network type Blogger account until this year. So I never know if a person will see a comment left on an older post.

Have a blessed week!

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